Benefits & Facts

Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • PGY-1   16 working days
  • PGY-2   21 working days
  • PGY-3   21 working days
  • PGY-4   21 working days

Holiday Time                   
8 holidays per year, depending on rotation, and either Christmas or New Year’s off, depending on personal choice

Salaries (2016-17)

  • PGY-1   $53,582
  • PGY-2   $55,358
  • PGY-3   $57,532
  • PGY-4   $59,804

Residents determine call schedules

All Core faculty are board certified family physicians, and over 100 volunteer faculty in all specialties

Medical Insurance:             
Includes vision and prescription drug plans, all at no cost to resident; dependent coverage available with monthly premiums

Professional Liability Insurance
Coverage provided for all actions occurring during residency program

Life and Disability Insurance
See handout

Lab Coats
Two lab coats furnished at the beginning of residency

Meal allowance is provided during in-house call

Senior scholarly project required

Family Medicine Center at Denver Harbor
10+ support staff members, 11 exam rooms

Health-Science Library
Houston Academy of Medicine- Texas Medical Center Library membership

Educational Leave Meetings
Five days allowed outside of PTO beginning at PGY-2 level